Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Git Hub


oops I had originally thought I had added my commit but it looks like I forgot to press "sync". Anyway, my contribution is a protoype level 1 that includes a few assets our game will use such as a clock tower.

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Two Games I like: Monster Hunter and Castlevania


Catlevania is 1986 nes title that involved challenging gameplay and side-scrolling action. The game used two weapons. The primary, a whip, with a short delay that required near perfect timing o hit enemies, and a secondary which was one of a few weapons dropped throughout the map that relied on hearts to work. The game included challenging enemies as well as level design.


Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate is a game that relies on you and three other friends to take down large monsters. The game has 14 main weapon categories with hundreds of choices for weapons and armor and character customization. It involves challenging game play that involves taking on massive dragon-like enemies in order to earn money, materials, and renown.

Two pictures

Doom narration

A short doom video for my game design class